Hair Seminar

Hair Seminar

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a "Hair Seminar"  on Sunday, August 18th.  

Everyone in attendance will receive 8 CEU credits.  

The day will consist of the following: 

Current Hair Cuts/Clipper cutting (Men and Women) 

Current Up-Dos

Flat/Curling Iron (time permitting) 

A one hour Domestic Violence class (required to renew your license) 


Jerry Van Horn will also be available for the following services: 

Shear Sharpening     $30.00

Texturizers                 $30.00

Nippers                      $10.00

Pusher                       $6.00

Knives                        $7.00


****You must have a license to attend and will need to show proof****

Please reply to this email or call our office at (773) 775-5300 to reserve your spot.  Space will be limited.