Safety & Training

Safety & Training

Dimmer Seminar

Local 476 Training Fund will present a "Beginner Dimmer Console" class at the Local's Training Hall.  The class will feature the E.T.C. Ion Dimming Console.


The class will be limited to no more than four (4) students at a time.  Members can sign up by calling the Union Office and adding their name to the class list.


Class dates and times will be scheduled according to Instructor and Member availability.  Some Saturdays will be offered if needed.


ETCP Electrician Gary Carone will contact members on the list for each class.


There will be many opportunities over the next few months to receive this training.  


The class will be hands on and students should have a notebook with them to get the most out of the class.


If you are interested in this class please call the Union Office to put your name on the list.